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About us

Ibec offers a comprehensive range of training programmes in the areas of people management, employment law, environmental compliance and health and safety legislation.

With over 20 years experience, we have continuously improved and developed our programmes in line with the business communities changing needs. In our experience, organisations now adopt a more strategic, future oriented approach to training and development. In today’s fast paced environment, if your staff are not learning, both the individual and the organisation are falling behind.

Ibec training aims to give people the information, skills and the motivation they need to do their jobs well and achieve the organisation's business goals. We take a practical approach, tackling real issues that face managers and staff. Our programmes range from a one hour seminar to Certificate and Diploma programmes.

Our trainers combine their experience in the fields of industrial relations, employment law, people development, health and safety and the environment. An investment in Ibec training today means an investment in productivity, knowledge, employee loyalty and contribution for the future.

You can navigate through the courses we offer as outlined under Training Courses or you can use the search facility and "Find a course" using keyword, category or location.

If you are unsure what your organisation's training needs are, you can speak with a member of the IBEC training team who will be happy to explore suitable programmes with you. We also offer in-company customised training.

Visit the IBEC website for further information about Ibec - the voice of Irish business and employers.
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